Moshe Zorman

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Born in 1952. Studied composition with Prof. L.Schidlowsky and Prof. Tzvi Avni. After graduating from the Tel Aviv Music Academy he studied at New York University with George Pearl and participated in composers’ seminars in Vermont (with Mario Davidovsky) and in Canada (with John Cage). Zorman returned to Israel in 1985 to join the faculty of the Tel Aviv Academy of Music and the Musicology Department of Tel Aviv University. He also taught in “Rimon” school music and in Levinsky Teacher’s College, where he was head of the Music department for six years (1990-1996). Zorman was a member of the Israel Composers League Board of directors, and initiated a series of concerts dedicated to Israeli composers. He is also a member of different music committees in the Israel Ministry of Education. His compositions include three operas including “The Inn of Spirits” after Natan Alterman’s play, works for symphonic orchestras, chamber groups and choirs. They are performed by distinguished orchestras and performing groups in Israel and abroad. Zorman was music director of many programs in the Israeli radio and television, and wrote music for theater productions in 'Habima', 'Hakameri' and for 'Inbal' and 'Bat-Sheva' dance companies. Among his works are more than 1000 arrangements in all musical styles - popular, jazz, symphonic and vocal. His awards include the Prime Minister’s Prize for composers (2002), the Sam Spiegel School in Jerusalem for music for film, (2002), the ACUM Prize for music (1993). Zorman is currently teaching in Levinsky Teacher’s college and is head of the 'Music Cathedra' at Einav Cultural Center in Tel Aviv.