Ella Milch-Sheriff

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Ella Milch-(Lazar)-Sheriff was born in Haifa, Israel. She started to compose music at the age of 12. Her first successes came when she was serving in the army where she continued to write songs which she sang herself. On leaving the army she returned to classical studies in oomposition. She is a graduate of the Rubin Academy of Music at the Tel Aviv University, Composition Department. She also studied composition with Prof. Tzvi Avni in Tel Aviv. She made her vocal studies with Prof. Tamar Rachum and Dafna Cohen-Licht. Her linguistic abilities allowed her to specialize in Lieder and in the music of 20th cent. composers. She wrote mostly chamber and vocal music and her works had numerous performances in Israel and Europe. Her piece "Poem" for voice and chamber ensemble represented Israel at the ISCM festival in Germany. Her piece for children choir "A China Ballade" to poem by Lea Goldberg for children choir won an international prize. Her composition "Can Heaven be Void", based on a diary written by her father during the World War II, won a huge success in the premiere performances in March 2003 in Israel, and later, in translations to various languages, also abroad.