Itamar Erez

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Recipient of the \'2014 ACUM Prize for Special Achievement in Jazz\' & the \'Israeli Prime Minister prize for Composers\'- Itamar Erez is an internationally renowned composer and guitarist who has shared the stage throughout his career with such musicians as Omar Faruk Tekbilek, Tomatito, Avishai Cohen, Jean-Louis Matinier, Zohar Fresco, and others. In 2007 Itamar has joined the group of Sufi maestro Omar Faruk Tekbilek and is touring with him internationally. Itamar has released two CDs with his quartet \'The Adama Ensemble\': \"Desert Song\" (2006) &\"Hommage\" (2010). Itamar\'s recent CD is a a special duet collaboration called \"New Dawn\" (2013) with Yshai Afterman (percussion) and with Antonio Serrano (harmonica) as special guest. Itamar has received over the years awards & grants from the Canada Council for the Arts, Israeli Culture Ministry, America- Israel foundation, Amsterdam International Jewish Music Festival and others. In 2014/15 Itamar will be touring in Canada, USA, Germany & Holland, and is at the moment working on new material for his next CD due in 2015. Itamar plays a unique guitar with quarter notes to imitate the sound of the Oud.