Gilad Hochman

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Born in Israel in 1982 to a Ukrainian father and a French mother, Hochman has resided in Berlin since 2007. That same year, he graduated with honors from the music academy of Tel Aviv University, where he studied composition under Gil Shohat, as well as musicology and theory under some of Israel's leading veteran musicians. He began studying piano at age six and composition at nine. At age 14 he began studying composition under Ilya Heifets, an esteemed composer dedicated to the creation of contemporary works relating to traditional Jewish music. Since then, Hochman's music has developed its own language – constantly searching yet at the same time presenting a clear aesthetic approach. It is uniquely merging classical music traditions with those relating to Jewish music and culture and to his Israeli origin while striving for a balance between rational and emotional expressions. Stylistically, his music ranges freely between modal, tonal, and various contemporary idioms and techniques. Hochman's oeuvre includes a wide range of orchestral, choral, chamber, and solo compositions that are regularly performed by leading musicians in Israel, the US, and Europe. At age 24 he became the youngest to win Israel's prestigious Prime Minister's Prize. He is also a winner of the 2016 S&R Washington Award.