Hilat Ben-Kennaz

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Recipient of the 2009 Prime-Minister Prize for composers. Hilat finished her Master degree in Composition in Tel-Aviv University, with top academic of honors, (with excellence), under the guides of Prof. Leon Schidlowsky. Her pieces were performed (and won acclaim ) in Israel, on different stages, concerts and festivals such as: ACL festival 2004 (Asian Composers' league), The Tel-Aviv Biennale for modern Music, "Hag Hamusica", "White Summer Nights", and recently festival "contempo", celebrating 100 years of Tel-Aviv City. Outside Israel, her pieces were performed in New-York, London, Leipzig (in the concert "Radical New Jewish Culture", by Forum FZML) , Paris and ACL festivals: in Thailand (2005) and in Korea (2009) (performed by the French Ensemble "Linea") .Her pieces were commissioned by the America-Israel Culture foundation, the "Israel Contemporary Players" and "Meitar" ensemble . Her pieces are being recorded and broadcast for the Israel Classical Radio. Her piece "Thoughts" for violin and piano won the second prize in the" Lieberson contest" – held by the Israel Composers' League. Ben Kennaz has been awarded the Engel Prize 2011 of the city of Tel Aviv for her Concerto for Piano and Ensemble.