Mary Even-Or

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Born Sept. 8 1939 in Tel Aviv. Began her studies at the Music Teachers' Seminary in Tel Aviv in 1959 and continued her education at the Oranim Seminary between 1960-1962; at the same time receiving private tuition in composition by Yehezkel Braun. Studied law at the Tel Aviv University in 1964 and between 1976-1980, studied at the Rubin Academy of Music in Tel Aviv simultaneously attending courses in musicology at the Tel Aviv University where she received her B.A. She obtained her M.A. at the Academy of Music in Tel Aviv (Composition) under Prof. Abel Ehrlich. Her works were often broadcast and performed by various Israeli orchestras, choirs and ensembles throughout Israel. "Musikinesis" was performed by the IPO in 1984. Mary Even-Or died Sept. 8, 1989 in Haifa.   111