Benjamin Yusupov

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Born in Tajikistan, 1962. Studied piano composition and conducting at the Tchaikovsky State Conservatory in Moscow under R.Ledeniov and D.Kitaenko. In 1988 he was nominated the post conductor of the Dushanbe Philharmonic Orchestra. Immigrated to Israel in 1990 and is studying towards PhD at Bar-Ilan University. Yusupov has won several prizes: Soviet Composition Association Prize (1989), “Klon” Prize (1993), his orchestral piece “Gabriel” was awarded the 1st prize at the composers’ contest of the “Gabriel House” in the Jordan Valley (1993) and later performed by the Jerusalem Academy Orchestra and the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra. Yusupov has received several commissions by the “Israel Music Heritage Project” (1994) and “Kol Israel Upper Galilee Music Days 1996”. His orchestral works have been performed in many concerts and festivals, and broadcasted all over Europe and the USA by well known orchestras. Yusupov was granted the “Israel Prime Minster Award 1999”.