Marc Lavry

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Mark Lavry was born in Riga, 22 Dec 1903. He studied at the Riga and Leipzig conservatories and with Glazunov, then immigrated to Israel with his wife in 1935. His integration in the country was surprising in its rapidity and resolve. One year after his arrival he composed the symphonic poem EMEK (VALLEY), which took the heart of the Yishuv by storm and represented Israeli music in the first world tour of the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra. With the choreographer Gertrud Kraus, Lavry developed the art of dance and ballet through the elaboration of our popular dances in artistic and orchestral mode. The oratory SONG OF SONGS has been performed many times and Lavry's choral music and arias have become part of the repertoire of choirs and singers in israel and abroad. Lavry was not only prolific composer in all spheres of vocal and instrumental music but also a gifted conductor, who appeared with all the orchestras in the country. He may be counted upon the composers who laid the foundations of Israeli music and caused it to flower during the stirring times of the building of the land and the creation of the State. Marc Lavry nurtured Israeli creation consciously and with a sense of mission throughout his life until his final days. He died in Haifa, 24 March 1967.