Boaz Ben Moshe

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Boaz Ben-Moshe, born in 1962, Prime-minister prize for composers (2003), composed over 40 pieces - Symphonic music, Concerti, Voice and Orchestra music, Chamber music for various instrumentations, Solo pieces and Cross-disciplinary pieces. His music was commissioned and performed by: Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra, The new Symphony Orchestra-Haifa, Tel Aviv Soloists, The Wine Festival Orchestra – Bordeaux, France, Israel Chamber Orchestra, Israel Sifonietta-Be'er-Sheva, Israel Festival, Upper Galilee Chamber music Festival, "Sounds in the Desert" Festival, "Meitar" Ensemble. His music was performed in Israel, Europe and America. In 2004 he released the album "Gates of Jerusalem", a collection of his pieces. Dr. Boaz Ben-Moshe is the Artistic Director of the "Israel Music Days" Festival and is the Dean of the Faculty for Cross-disciplinary music at the Jerusalem Academy for Music and Dance.