Eyal Bat

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Composer, pianist, arranger and teacher Eyal Bat was born into a family of Polish Chassidic descent. Many members of his family – the Zigmans – were Klezmers and most of them died in the Holocaust. His grandmother survived and immigrated to Israel. In his youth, Bat used to record her singing the Chassidic Nigguns of their family. These tunes, imbibed with stark faith and optimism, were a source of inspiration for many of his works. "To me, the Jewish Shtetl is not a disappearing world at all", says Eyal. "It exists, and continues to influence us even here in Israel. It mainly radiates in its songs and Nigguns, which are the essence of our soul – the fountain of life and creativity." He has composed vocal and orchestral works, chamber music and music for theater and dance. Many of his works have been recorded for radio and CDs, and some have been published by the Israel Music Institute. His works are performed by the top Israeli orchestras and choirs. His choral works have been praised at international festivals. Bat studied composition in Israel with Betty Olivero, Andre Hajdu, Gideon Levinson and Joseph Dorfman, and light music and jazz with Rafi Kadishzon and Ilan Mochiach. He also studied piano and saxophone. After studying in Israel, he continued his musical education at the Mannes School of Music in the USA. Throughout the years, Eyal has appeared and recorded in the USA, South America, South Africa and Europe.