Noa Guy

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Noa Guy was born in Jerusalen, Israel in 1949. She showed great interest in theory and music history from a very early age. Studied at the theory department of the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance, compositlon under Prof. Abel Ehrlich in Tel Aviv, and with Boris Blacher at the Hochschule fuer Musik 1n Berlin. 1977 - won prize in a competition for young composers in Israel. 1982 - honorable mention in the "Gedok" competition for women composers. 1986 - was invited as a guest composer to the Electronic Studio of the Academy of Basel. 1986-2 - prizes in the EBU competition in the category of contemporary music with the choir work "And Eweryone an Earring of Gold". 1987 - Israel Music Institute Prize. Her works cover chamber music, vocal music, electronic music, music for films, theatre and multi-media