Rivka Elkoshi

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Rivka Elkoshi (PhD) is a Senior Lecturer in music and music education and the coordinator of the special education internship program at the Levinsky College for Education in Tel-Aviv, Israel, where she teaches undergraduate and graduate students. She instructs music teacher workshops on behalf of the Israeli Ministry of Education and presented numerous workshops to music educators and teachers in Israel. Her postgraduate studies included piano performance, musicology, music education, composition and specializations in Orff Method. Her doctoral studies focused on children\'s graphic notations and musical perception. Her main interest as a composer lies in the field of piano and Orff pedagogy combining methodical aspects with the writing that suits young players. Her compositions (published by Israel Music Institute, Or-Tav and Israeli Music Publications) include a series of piano pieces, pieces for piano four hands, an operetta for children, and many more. Her research deals with musical literacy, invented graphic notations and musical perception. She has lectured on her research in many international conferences in Europe, U.S.A. and Hong Kong and has published dozens of booklets about musical education in Israel and research articles which have appeared in Israeli, American and British journals. She has been appointed to the advisory boards of two international journals in music education: IJEA and Art and Learning. She is a recipient of the 2004 fellowship supported by Mofet Institute and the research authorities of Levinsky College of Education, Tel-Aviv for her research about learning Standard Notation in school. She is recently involved in research about kindergartener\'s early literacy on behalf of The Ministry of Education, Tel-Aviv and is part of the executive board of the Israel Musicological Society.