Andre Hajdu

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Andre Hajdu was born in Budapest in 1932. He studied composition, piano and ethnomusicology at the Budapest Academy of Music and at the Paris Conservatory with Kodaly, Szabo and Messiaen. Between the years 1956 to 1966 he researched Gypsy folk music as well as Hassidic music. Since his arrival in Israel in 1966 he devotes himself to composition and teaching. He lectures at the Universities of Tel Aviv and Bar-Ilan and received his professorship at the latter. In 1989 he has been appointed Head of the Musicology Department at Bar-Ilan. His compositions include works for symphony orchestra (LITTLE HELL, BABELIANA and others), a great many MISHNAYOTH for various vocal combinations on texts from the Mishnah, cantatas (DREAMS OF SPAIN) and numerous educational works for the piano. Andre Hajdu was, in 1997, recepient of the Israel Prize for Music.