Yoram Paporisz

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Yoram Paporisz was born in 1944 in Koslov, Poland. He began his musical education under Alexander U. Boskovich in Tel Aviv, Franco Donatoni in Milan, Italy, and Wolfgang Fortner in Freiburg, Germany. He has writen over 40 compositions, mainly for the piano from 2 to 8 hands, and chamber music. Yoram Paporisz is recipient of the following prizes: Diploma for being allowed to participate at the final stage of the competition in Vercelli, Italy, in 1960; a prize at the competition in Boswil, Swiss, for his string quartet "October 71"; the prize of the Art Society of Stuttgart, Germany, for his life musical work. In 1984 he also received a prize in acknowledgement of his whole work until then, of the Heinrich-Strobel-Stiftung in Baden-Baden, Germany. Yoram Paporisz died in 1992.