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About the IMI

Established in 1961, the Israel Music Institute (IMI) is the first publicly-owned music publishing house in Israel, dedicated to the promotion of Israeli concert music in Israel and abroad. The Institute serves in a number of capacities, among them the publication of new compositions and books, the production of concerts and festivals, the production and recording of CDs of its publications, and research and publications about Israeli music. IMI also serves as an international information center on Israeli music.

Since 2006, IMI has produced the annual Israeli Music Festival, which takes place every year between Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur, and present multiple concerts of orchestral, chamber, vocal and experimental music in several cities. The Institute sponsors the creation of new works for this Festival as well as unique collaborations among artists and composers in creating and presenting this new material, reaching target audiences in different cities and peripheral areas around the country. The Institute also exhibits its various publications at different musical events in Israel and abroad.

IMI works in close cooperation with all orchestras, choirs, chamber ensembles and musical education institutions in Israel, as well as with numerous musical bodies all over the world. It is also involved with most of the important musical events in Israel, such as: The Arthur Rubinstein International Piano Master Competition; the International Harp Contest in Israel; Zimriya, World Assembly of Choirs in Israel; Paul Ben-Haim Competition – Young Artists Play Israeli Music; and others. Most recently, the Institute established an annual chamber music competition in the two music academies in Israel, the Jerusalem Music academy and the Buchman- Mehta School of Music at Tel Aviv University.

The institute was established by the Israel Council for Culture and Arts, an adjunct of the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports, with the aim of publishing and promoting Israeli concert music by all means possible. The first Chairman of the Board was the late Eliezer Peri, and the first Director was Willy Elias, who served in this role from 1961 to 1989; his successor was Paul Landau who held the post till 2012. The current Chairman of the IMI Board is Avi Hanani, and the current Director is Yoram Youngerman.

Since its establishment, IMI has acquired the rights to more than 2500 compositions by some 200 Israeli composers. About 85% of the works under IMI copyright have already appeared in print. The Institute represents several of the most important composers working in Israel since the 1920’s. The IMI catalogue contains a great variety of music: operas, ballets, orchestral, choral, chamber, and educational. It also features a number of musicological works on Israeli music and related issues. IMI is active in producing CDs of Israeli art music, both on its own label and in cooperation with several other non-profit music institutions in Israel.

In addition to being a publishing house, IMI serves as the Israel Music Information Center (IMIC) and is a full member of the IAMIC (International Association of Music Information Centres). The Centre provides information on musical activities in Israel, and maintains reciprocal ties with over 40 member countries. At our Library and Listening Center, a collection of some 3000 scores by over 250 composers is available for perusal and the archive of recorded music holds some 2500 items. To further promote Israeli music, IMI publishes a comprehensive bulletin, IMI News, founded in 1990. In addition to documenting the Institute’s own activities, the journal encompasses the entire concert music scene in Israel, as well as performances of Israeli music across the globe; those issues will be available soon on this website.

Since 2014, the Institute has also held a regular chamber concert series presenting its new CDs and focusing on its composers. The series is presented in Tel-aviv, at Haifa University, and in the Jerusalem Music Center, where the institute holds offices as well.

Israel Music Institute is represented by leading publishers abroad: Theodore Presser Co., (USA, Canada & Mexico), Peer Musikverlag GmbH (Germany, Austria & Switzerland), Albersen & Co B.V. (Holland), Cesky Rozhlas - Fond Hudebnin (Czech and Slovak Republics, Hungary) and others. IMI is a member of the International Federation of Serious Music Publishers.